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IT Trade

what we do

We are a Mexican company specialized in the adoption of cloud computing. We focus on helping organizations in migrating or using cloud services efficiently and with the highest performance. We provide agility to integrate the desired technology instantly, we give flexibility to your project, by having resources available on demand, and we implement at any level in minutes (national, regional or global) and at a cost appropriate to the tools requested.

optimal scalable solutions

At IT Trade we approach our projects through the design of a good architecture. Thus, we guarantee the proper use of the infrastructure, we work with state-of the art and security services such as CloudFront, with computing instances, storage services, RDS and serverless databases.

We have helped technology companies that seek to supplement their digital services with tools that provide them with greater capabilities and use. We have also supported companies from various industries, such as retail, logistics and transportation in the improvement of its processes, with the appropriate use of technology.

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Tus aliados tecnológicos

your technological allies

We are interested in developing long-term relationships with our clients to give continuity to their digital transformation program. By trusting in the technological solutions that we propose, they commit to the tasks associated with their programmed transformation, because they know that the results are really effective and profitable in the medium term. This propagates to the participating teams, since it leads them to obtain competitive advantages.

We want to hear from you. We will help you identify your needs, propose solutions, implement them and then we will continue evolving and adapting them to the new realities demanded by the market. We want to become your technological partner.

a custom methodology

We established a series of steps that allow us to understand the activities carried out by your company, and on this basis propose the most appropriate solution, based on your requirements and the current situation of your technological tools. We use agile methodologies to focus on incremental processes that allow functional deliveries, through collaboration between your work team and ours.

  1. Understand the activities of your company
  2. Diagnosis and audit of your technological tools
  3. Proposal of a solution
  4. Implementation
  5. Functional and project deliveries
  6. Innovation and Ongoing Improvement

what distinguishes us

We are a young company, specialized in cloud computing. We aim to support you to make better use of the technology you already have and the possibilities that the cloud could offer you. We have solid experience in the implementation of IT tools and processes, through the performance of best practices by certified personnel. Our service is dedicated and optimized to the requirements of your company, with standard definitions that ensure compliance with regulations.

Our approach is to take advantage of all existing technological resources and validating those that really require renewal or updating. Not everything new is the best and not everything old is now useless, it depends on the goals you want to achieve.

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