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development of cloud solutions

Develop in a more agile, faster and safer manner

cloud computing development

The cloud offers great advantages for developers, with flexible and fully customizable environments, as well as collaboration tools.



Creating a software system is not just developing and deploying; if the foundation is not solid you will have structural problems that could degrade the integrity and operation of the development.

Adopción de estándares

adoption of standards

If you do not develop under proven standards, you will face challenges in meeting the expectations and requirements of your systems. We help you incorporate best practices to produce stable and efficient systems.



Through tools such as AWS Pipeline, CloudFront, computing services or RDS, we provide you with a first-class development infrastructure, making possible to obtain a functional application with more agile deployments.

transgo case study

what is cloud development?

The development methodologies are adapted to a native Cloud approach that allows better exploitation of the benefits and deployment of applications. Cloud computing has created a more than favorable environment for developers by giving them greater flexibility, resiliency, scalability, and greater control over project storage.

advantages of cloud development

  • We provide you with the tools that your development teams require for better collaboration between the different members of the team, better control of tests and customizable and test environments in order to streamline software or application development.
  • At the same time, you can rest assured that all the information that is uploaded to the cloud will be encrypted and traceable, giving your team the advantage of working remotely and safely.

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