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cloud migration

Discover the strategy for an effective migration to the cloud

cloud services

At IT Trade we specialize in the design and integration of cloud computing technologies, to help companies go through their transformation process in an orderly, agile and secure manner.

Migración de aplicaciones

application migration

We migrate applications and workloads, adopting AWS services and agile strategies which make the process much more efficient and faster, so that your digital transformation accelerates.



We facilitate the benefits of automation through infrastructure as code. We use tools such as Cloud Formation and AWS Pipelines to deploy resources in a reliable and faster manner, and with less risks.



We ensure a safe start in your cloud computing environment. We ensure the deployment and configuration that reduce security risks and functional inefficiencies, and pave the way for compliance with market standards.

sparklabs case study

what is cloud computing and what is it for?

The cloud is an environment where companies can access software, computing power, storage, and many other services, through the web. It is in the cloud where workloads are executed and cloud computing is responsible for optimizing these processes.

advantages of cloud computing

  • A wide variety of services can be accessed anywhere and anytime, just with an Internet connection.
  • It is much more flexible and scalable, since you only pay for the resources that are used and can be increased or decreased at any time, thus also reducing operating costs.
  • There is no longer a need to maintain a large local IT infrastructure or installed software, as all resources are on the network.

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