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cloud architecture

Achieve a proper and solid design of your cloud architecture.

cloud computing architecture

Cloud computing architecture is essential for your workloads and applications to function optimally, according to the needs of your company.

Diseño óptimo y eficiente

optimal and efficient design

We design architecture based platforms on best practices to provide a consistent approach, create stability, high performance, resilience and security, which provide you with an effective solution.



To carry out this process we promote innovation, use auto-scaling services in order to meet the demands of your business, while increasing agility and establishing a phase of continuous expansion.

Ética en la gestión

ethics in management

Security and compliance is a shared responsibility model between cloud providers and the company. We facilitate the use of the resources managed by the cloud provider and adapt the solution designs in order to adjust to this model.

transgo case study

what is cloud architecture?

It is the way in which the different workloads, applications and resources are integrated so that the operation is much more efficient and seamless.

advantages of cloud architecture

  • A good design of the cloud architecture will ensure that the applications, platforms, storage solutions and, in general, all the resources that the company requires for its operation, work in a coordinated and efficient manner.
  • Creating the appropriate structure for the needs of your company will allow you to obtain the maximum benefit with fewer resources and to reduce the costs that this entails.

aws cloud architecture

Each cloud provider has its own protocols and best practices to get the most out of your environment. At IT Trade we are experts in AWS cloud architecture, through which we can design a secure infrastructure for your applications.

Arquitectura nativa

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