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we promote the digital transformation of your company

We create the most suitable cloud computing strategy for the needs of your business.

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we manage your cloud computing operation

We guarantee the delivery and use of your Cloud Computing resources in a reliable, safe and suitable way for your business.

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we guide you with the design of your cloud architecture

We establish the appropriate principles, which guarantee you a solid Cloud Computing strategy based on the best practices.

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we develop native cloud solutions

We integrate processes, tools and development strategies for Cloud Computing which allow you to dynamically use and scale your resources.

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IT Trade

our approach

We are a company focused on providing the solutions that our customers need for their technological transformation towards cloud computing.

In a simple and transparent way, we provide you the tools that you need to get the most benefits.

what we do

cloud computing in digital transformation processes

For companies to be truly competitive, they must adapt to the technological changes of tomorrow. Accelerate the digital transformation of your business through migration to cloud computing.

The cloud has enormous advantages, such as greater speed for data processing and workloads, more flexibility and reduction of expenses in IT infrastructure. Make all these advantages play in your favor.

our experience

We design digital platform architectures, under internationally recommended standards, based on best practices and with the optimal security protocols for your information. Thus, your cloud platform will have better performance and a much quicker execution, with services that ensure availability through autoscaling.

sparklabs case study

IT Trade takes advantage of its capabilities in order to establish a foundation in each technological platform which makes possible for our clients to escalate it without restrictions, safely and always keeping costs in mind. It is for this reason that IT Trade, through planning and the use of agile methodologies, supports its clients with native cloud development, generating an improvement in its processes and offering the possibility of transforming its entire environment and integrating alternatives with other technologies.

transgo case study

" With the support of IT Trade, who demonstrated great technical knowledge and designed a really solid architecture, always looking beyond their duty and understanding the client’s needs, today I can say that the key to feeling safe in the cloud is designing a good architecture."

Sergio N.

" My expectation was that there would be pre-approved market acceptance just by using AWS services, because of all that the brand itself endorses. For me it was a letter of introduction to security. The key was designing the right infrastructure would with the services and configuration in order to make a system agile and available."

Israel L.

" We definitely knew that IT Trade was a growing company and had the knowledge to develop the solution, our requirements have grown and evolved from what was originally established and IT Trade has also grown and adapted to new requests quickly."

Renan P.
Administrative Director
AWS Partner Network - Select Consulting Partner

In addition to all the advantages you get with us, such as having a team of experts in the activation, analysis and management of cloud environments, with individual certifications, we also have the validation of Amazon as an AWS Select level partner.

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