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case study


The web platform of a professional sports club needed flexibility and availability, according to the demand of the site. For Sergio Nava, CIO of Sparklabs, the logical step to achieve this goal was the migration to the cloud.

However, the required infrastructure had not yet been defined, nor the architecture that would guarantee compliance with the needs of the platform, without increasing costs and with the best possible security conditions.


What was sought was to create a platform that would support massive requests, during specific periods of time in a random manner, under the infrastructure configuration used. Ensuring the availability and delivery of content was quite complicated, since replicating a server to scale capacity took about 40 minutes.

Sparklabs required alternatives to be able to program events and avoid deploying personnel to cover technical aspects that could be automated without investing in the development of new tools.


At IT Trade, we designed an architecture that helped making the platform more efficient, considering the needs of the sports club and its end users. Something that could mitigate the concerns of Sparklabs.

We integrated optimization services in the delivery of content, we streamlined data querying through cache and dynamic autoscaling, without the need for human intervention, on demand, while strengthening the security of the infrastructure.

Sparklabs Layout

I was really surprised by the autoscaling and security services (autoscaling, WAF, and secure architecture) that Amazon Web Services provides, how they made the platform highly available and mitigated our security concerns. But I must emphasize that all this was achieved with the support of IT Trade, which demonstrated technical knowledge and designed a really solid architecture, always looking beyond their duty and understanding the client's needs. Today I can say that the key to feeling safe in the cloud is designing a good architecture.

Sergio Nava
CIO, Spaklabs


Dynamic autoscaling times went from 40 minutes to just three minutes on average, growing on demand, thanks to the successful implementation of Amazon Web Services.

The new design allows access to the platform, to be managed under new controls that have given Sparklabs better results during security evaluations. They also get metrics that provide relevant information for decision making.


  • Availability: The platform is faster and fully available, which has increased visits from fans of the sports club considerably. In addition, the platform's auto-scaling has been guaranteed when demand rises due to events, important news or exceptional situations.
  • Safety: The club's information and its entire database is protected thanks to the new architecture design. In case there is any audit, it is perfectly capable of meeting the security requirements.
  • Reduction in database requests: The reduction of the time in the requests and the load of the database was achieved, thanks to the integration of an elastic cache. Content is delivered faster and computing power consumption has also been reduced.
  • New architecture: The new architecture design enabled improvements in performance and security that were not previously available. In general, the new design turned out to be much more robust.