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We are a young company, with a great human capital and with all the experience put at the service of our clients, in order to help them in the process of digital transformation.


The most important thing in any company is the human talent that makes it up. We have a team of certified specialists in cloud migration and architecture design that will provide you with the alternatives that your company requires, so that any objective you set for yourself can be achieved.


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The need to maintain a balance between professional life, family life and economic stability made Alma, founder of IT Trade, take a great leap of faith and give up the security of a job in a first world company, to reconnect with her family and personal life.

Once Alma had the time to consider her options at this time in her life, the IT Trade project was born. Initially, it merged solutions for foreign trade with technology. However, it would be the market's own needs that would set the tone. That same year it began to develop technological solutions for cloud computing.

The first project was the release of the web platform of a professional sports club, which had very precise requirements for processing speed and security in the cloud.

Being such a young company, the projects that arrived at the beginning were still small; however, the correct development and implementation of several success stories earned us recommendation for new projects.

We achieved the creation of infrastructure for several companies, at the same time that we obtained a partnership with Amazon Web Services. This allowed us to reach larger and larger clients and in that year we developed an application for a messaging and parcel client. A fairly large project full of challenges that we managed to bring to fruition.

We designed a robust architecture, developed with the best practices in web applications and once it was released, we took care of managing the platform and continuing to evolve its scope.

In a stage in which the world situation has boosted society and companies, we managed to support multiple projects with various facets focused on technological transformation, cost optimization and security evaluations.

We had the opportunity to collaborate with organizations in the industrial sector and product manufacturing, establishing secure communication mechanisms with their final distribution channel.

We design Infrastructure for new native Cloud projects and accompany the definition of strategies for companies in the tourism sector, non-profit organizations and financial activities. The common denominator was the need to reach another level of service and technological dynamism to give end users a better experience in the face of the challenges of recent years.

Our story is just beginning, but we are proud of our achievements and we will continue to be the technological partners that companies require to take the next step in their digital transformation.



We have the necessary equipment and infrastructure to attend your needs.

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We encourage our clients in the adoption and technological transformation, through cloud computing tools, in order to achieve benefits that add value and enhance their growth.

We work every day to become a company recognized for providing technological solutions suited to the needs of our customers, applying cloud computing effectively, with the expected quality and offering solutions that maintain the cycle of ongoing improvement and technological adaptability. Our primary objective is to improve business processes through the proper use of technology.

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